LEMA has dedicated itself to technological innovation which has helped us to reach a position as one of the most technologically advanced companies operating in the sector with the production capacity and capability to offer our clients solutions custom-made to their specifications and requirements.

This is achieved using high precision machining as our principal production process.
We are proud to be able to rely on the latest and most advanced machinery, both in production technology and in metrology equipment, which can be seen in our modern fleet of high precision machining centres which is the principal source providing added value to our company.

We are pioneers in the use of the latest technology in both national and international markets.

At LEMA we are proud to be able to rely on our staff team who are highly qualified in a broad range of specialities, their technological and business expertise has allowed us to become leaders in competitiveness and enables them to carry out their work in a highly efficient and thorough manner to the benefit of our clients. We provide a personalized and flexible service always seeking to find the best solution to whatever challenges  our clients present us with, this service includes; the sourcing of material, high-precision machining of parts and process improvement. Our commitment to providing a high-quality service to the client drives us to constantly review and update our processes. It is this desire for continuous improvement which allows us to provide a specific response to whatever need our clients may have.


We adapt ourselves to whatever need or demand our clients may have in terms of the machining of a variety of different raw materials; without excluding the possibility of machining new materials. The list below includes some of the materials we are currently successfully machining here at LEMA:
  • Steel : 42CrMoS4, C15, C45, 16MnCr5, 44SMn28, ETG100, ETG88, 11SMn30, AISI 1018, …
  • Stainless steel : AISI 304L, AISI 303, AISI 316L, 17-4-PH, AISI 430, AISI 416,…
  • Base copper : electrolytic copper, bronze (CuSn8P, CuSn10P), brass, …
  • Aluminium : 6012 ,6026, 6082, 6262,Almach 6065, …
  • Others : silver, titanium, …



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Tel: +34 943 788 023 - Fax: +34 943 788 024 - lema@mekgroup.eu