Company presentation

Experience as a guarantee of success

LEMA is a company which specialises in high precision machining which works mainly for the automotive industry. LEMA was founded in 1941, our background of over 7 decades working in the machining sector have helped us to develop a proven track record of success achieved through experience. As such, we have become one of the leading European companies in this sector. 
Our way of approaching our business is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are a company with rigorous working processes which constantly seek the complete satisfaction of our clients. Furthermore, we are a company with a very strongly focused international outlook. On an annual basis we distribute more 70 million machined parts, 70% of these machined parts are exported to countries all over the world, including China, France, Germany, Poland and the United States. 
LEMA is a company which specialises in high precision machining. Our objective is the constant and continuous improvement of our products and services with the aim of meeting the needs and requirements of our clients.
To achieve this objective we view as essential the development and implementation of the best business practices aimed at further improving our market competitiveness to facilitate the demands and expectations of our clients. In this regard, we also seek to establish a close working relationship with all our clients. As such, technological innovation and investment in machinery, software and business expertise alongside a culture of continuous improvement are the keys of our business management strategy.
It goes without saying that we seek the same objectives in a relationship of close partnership with our suppliers as we do with our clients.

Company Culture, Core Values and Mission Statement

As a company which specialises in high precision machining, LEMA sees its role in the market as providing the production capacity and capability to all those involved in the sector and to furthermore offer a custom made response to whatever need, requirement or desire our clients may have.
In this regard, we believe it is our responsibility to recognise the importance and value of our staff, our shareholders and the society which surrounds us.
As such, we believe that we should provide the following for our staff:
- a salary level which reflects their effort and dedication, one which is fair and better than the standard in the region
- secure and stable employment
- a physical and organisational working environment which facilitates both professional and personal development
Commitment to our shareholders,
- we recognise and value that our shareholders have contributed in the creation of jobs and prosperity putting at risk their own wealth, and
- furthermore that they have placed their trust in the staff at LEMA.
It is incumbent upon us to make every effort using all our expertise, abilities and skills to generate a fair return on their investment, while also guaranteeing long term stability and ensuring the appropriate use of the resources which have been invested in our company.
With regard to our commitment to the society we form part of and which has always supported us, we aim to do our utmost to contribute to both economic and social progress and development.
It goes without saying that we seek the same objectives in a relationship of close partnership with our suppliers as we do with our clients.
LEMA would like to make clear its firm commitment to the achievement of the aforementioned objectives.



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