In the following section we outline our ABC, LEMA´s core values, how we visualise our company, our environment and the relationship with our suppliers and clients.
Effective communication with our clients and suppliers is essential to enable us to fully meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We work closely with both to achieve continuous improvement which allows us to increase our efficiency and provide satisfactory solutions for our clients.
Working in partnership with our clients and trusted suppliers we are constantly searching for Solutions which fully meet the needs and requirements of our clients.
All of our company´s operations are focused on satisfying the Client, this is the key ingredient which makes our recipe work.
We have more than 70 years of Experience in the world of machining.
Our Commitment to our clients, suppliers, environment, partners and staff is a Commitment of continuity of service and continuous improvement.
Our clients are aware of our extensive background in the industry and of how we respond when faced with problems alongside our willingness to collaborate and improve together; our clients have complete Trust in LEMA.
We take into account all the needs of each individual client; we aim to adapt ourselves to the many diverse and strict requirements of the client throughout our production process. We know that each client has their own way of working and here at LEMA we adapt and personalize our way of working to ensure that the client finds the appropriate solution to whatever requirement or need they may have.
We are aware that to maintain our market competitiveness and to continue to provide solutions to the increasingly complex requirements of our clients we rely on the latest and most advanced Technology. This compels us to carry out continuous staff training.
Our way of working is focused on meeting the needs of our clients, providing them with a complete service, from the first moment a need or requirement is identified to the delivery of the desired result.
All our business actions are aimed towards Accompanying and working side by side with our clients and collaborating with them in the set up, launch and development of their projects as efficiently as possible.
LEMA has made a firm commitment for Quality and as such has invested in both staff training and the purchase of machinery in keeping with the latest and most advanced technology available on the market. This has allowed us to achieve significant satisfaction ratios among our clients.

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